Welcome to Pentrich Village

The Parish of Pentrich is a quiet village located in the heart of Derbyshire in the Amber Valley. The village is now best known for the uprising of June 1817 and is regarded as 'England’s last revolution'.

The village and the surrounding Parish are located in the beautiful green Derbyshire countryside and has picturesque views over towards South Winfield and Crich.

The area is steeped in history both ancient and modern, a Roman encampment was located on the land around Coney Grey Farm and St Matthew's church dates from the Norman period.

The name "Pentrich" is thought by some experts to be of Celtic origin.

The events and consequences of the June revolution in 1817 had lasting effects on the village and to celebrate this the villagers used the millennium to create a walk that allows visitors to see some of the areas of local interest.

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Pentrich Parish Council is committed to protecting the legacy of the village and it's surrounding community. They are also proactive in ensuring that the infrastructure and amenities are ready to take on the challenge for today and the future.